Adoptions on an upswing?

May 19, 2009

I had heard reports of adoptions decreasing, but I’ve seen a few stories recently that indicate they might be on an upswing. For instance, this story (with very good reporting, by the way) today in USA Today.

The article states:

“As parents struggle to raise children in a weak economy, a half-dozen large adoption agencies are reporting that more women with unplanned pregnancies are considering placing their babies for adoption rather than keeping them.

Many of these women are in their 20s and already have at least one child, says Joan Jaeger of The Cradle, the Chicago-area agency that placed Joie. She says 30% more women are inquiring about placing a child for adoption than a year ago.”

What I struggle with is my response to stories like this.  Is it good news that more women are putting their children up for adoption? Selfishly, yes. My husband and I are considering adoption, and the agency I met with earlier this month estimated a wait time of two or more years. But I don’t want to take a child away from a birthmother who wants to keep and care for it. And it is certainly not good news that women feel like they cannot afford to raise their babies.  Surely that is another sign of a broken world.

And yet, in all this brokenness … adoption can be a blessing to the birthmother, adoptive parents and the child. The USA Today story describes a single mom of three who became pregnant again and decided to give up her fourth baby for adoption. The baby is absolutely a joy and blessing to the adoptive parents, who had previously lost their biological daughter in stillbirth at 39 weeks. And while the decision was incredibly difficult for the birthmother, she thinks it was the best choice.  She doesn’t say, “if only I had a little more money…,” she clearly sees it as a good thing.

The birthmother, Renee, says: “My biggest concern is when people see a tear, they will see them as tears of regret and I have never been more sure of anything in my life that this was the absolute right decision, ever.”

The mom and the couple both come into the adoption with their own immense pain. And God meets them there, giving them new life and hope and redemption.

The really terrible news is that abortions are also on the rise. I do pray that more women would choose life for their babies — adoption is a great option for them!

Here’s the sad quote from the story:

“Our phones are ringing off the hook,” says Vicki Saporta of the National Abortion Federation, which represents abortion providers. She says calls to her group’s hotline have nearly tripled in the past year, many from women whose families have lost jobs.


One comment

  1. Of course their phones are “ringing off the hook!” MOST people who SAY they are Pro Life mean that they don’t want the birth mother to have an abortion. Sadly, that’s where their involvement ends.

    It would be interesting to know if statistics are available for the number of people who SAY they are Pro Life and then actually step up and sacrifice THEIR LIFE to adopt a child.

    Face it MOST people are selfish. They want to feel good about a catch phrase and think they are actually making a difference by discussing their Pro Life stance. Oh, and how good they must feel if they actually go out and picket an abortion clinic! Aren’t they just little saints!

    Please excuse the rant… or not. This subject just gets me going. You can visit my Blog to see why if you wish.


    Look under “Adoption” category.

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