Alright, already

June 22, 2009

This is the first time I’ve tried to post from my blackberry — this new development has the potential to open a WHOLE NEW WORLD of brief typo-filled updates. I know you’re excited.

I am currently in the mountains of Colorado for a mini-reunion of my husband’s friends from college. They are all incredible guys, Colorado is beautiful, and it’s nice to be here.


You knew there would be a “but,” didn’t you?

I am the only childless woman here. I am also a few years older than most of them. The other three wives in attendance all have infants; two of them also have toddlers. I was sort of dreading the weekend for that reason. I thought there might be a lot of baby talk… when talking to other friends about my concerns about the weekend, I had said, “I just don’t want to talk about breastfeeding the whole time.”

So, guess what happened this morning when I went for a walk with the other women? What did they talk about the ENTIRE TIME?

Breastfeeding. And leaky boobs. And frequent urination during pregnancy.

It would have been upsetting… except it was almost so ridiculous I had to laugh.

UPDATE: I wrote this on my blackberry two days ago but couldn’t  figure out how to post it remotely.  I am doing so now from a good old fashioned laptop. The weekend improved somewhat, in part because of a great conversation with one of the women here who has PCOS and waited three years for her baby. More on that later. All the children and parents are gone now. My husband and I are enjoying one last morning at 10,000 feet and will return to sea level tonight.


One comment

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your trip! My hubby and I had an awesome time in Colorado two summers ago. We stayed in Estes Park and did lots of hiking in the National Park. Hope you were able to get through all the “baby” conversations with the other women. Safe travels.

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