An emergency hospital visit for my husband

July 23, 2009

So, suddenly my infertility problems seem fairly small.

My husband and I are both very sporty. He bikes to work most days, but yesterday on his normal commute he had a freak accident, hit a curb, ran into a sign and broke his femur (the big bone in your thigh area).

The femur is the largest bone in your body, and the hardest to break. When my husband is going to do something, he likes to go all out.

I happened to be running to work and near the scene of the wreck. I turned around and saw a man motionless on the sidewalk, realized it was my husband and started to freak out. I am very grateful it was not anything worse, but have realized in the last 36 hours that breaking a femur is no small thing (see above, re: largest bone).

My husband, we’ll call him “Ned,” was taken in an ambulance to Washington Hospital Center. They were able to do orthopaedic surgery last night to insert a rod into his leg and we’ll be here at the hospital through Friday.

I had thought it is “just” a broken bone, but with the pain and blood-loss from the wreck, the trauma of the surgery and the side-effects of the medication, he is not in good shape. It’s hard for him to do simple things (like go to the bathroom), and I’m not sure when I will be able to leave him alone.

Amazingly, he has no cast. He’ll use crutches and they expect a full recovery. We’re glad it’s not worse, and I am so glad he is OK. But I’m also learning just how significant this could be. He is an extremely gifted athlete — runner, cyclist and swimmer — and I pray that his recovery is full enough he can one day win races again.

In cycle news, I am on day 13. We’ll probably miss ovulation this month. It’s too bad, but for once it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I just want my husband to heal!



  1. Oh my goodness~ I’m so glad that he is okay, but man that must have been so scary! Many prayers for your husband’s healing process and full recovery.

  2. Oh no! How awful! I’m so sorry to hear about the accident… but thank God that it wasn’t worse. I pray that he will fully recover and be back to his normal self again soon. Prayers to you!

  3. That’s so scary. I’m glad he’s ok and I’ll pray that he makes a full recovery.

  4. Wow, I am so glad he is on the mend and not hurt more seriously. I bet he was so thankful you happened to be close by!!

  5. That’s terrible! I know it can really be hard to be on crutches and restricted in what you can do, and I can only imagine it chafes more for someone who is used to being robustly healthy. I hope he’s totally recovered ASAP!

  6. […] any of you who remember Mr. Good’s bike wreck and hospitalization in July, you may be thinking, “wow! he’s running?” Yes, I am happy to report that […]

  7. […] In a few months, they will put a tiny titanium rod in the newly restored jaw bone. My husband and I will be titanium rod buddies — he got a large one in his leg last year when he broke his femur. […]

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