And the results are …?

August 7, 2009

I got my blood test last week, and I am VERY CURIOUS to know what the results are.

I am not on cycle day 28 and have yet to see a temperature shift. Actually, half the time my temps are lower than usual. And I am still having weird, unexplainable cervical fluid. I have a little surge of a small amount of clear, lubricative fluid every afternoon. I usually notice it if I go running or when I go to the bathroom at work. But then by the time I am home and want to, erm, act on it with my beloved husband … it’s gone. Only to return the next afternoon.

I’ve taken a couple more ovulation tests, just for kicks and money-wasting. Still nothing.

So, I called my doctor’s office today to request the test numbers (for estradiol and progesterone). And they said that my doctor is not in, and they need his help interpreting them. This to me has only one meaning: my numbers are weird.

Should I have just asked for the numbers anyway? I think I could do some interesting interpretations on my own.

Dr B comes back Tuesday, so I will call again then. I suspect that rather than balancing my wacky hormones, the estradiol is throwing things into a new realm of wackiness. Will he ask me to stop taking it? To take it at a different part of the month?
I still feel like we are just peeling away the top layers in the what-is-wrong-with-me onion, and it is soooo frustrating. I just want to speed things up a little. I first called me doctor to make an appointment last December and in some ways, I still feel like I am in the same place.



  1. That’s SOOOOO frustrating. I kind of feel that they’re not getting anywhere with me either – I mean, my doctor is working on the theory that the problem is the endometriosis, which is a sound theory. But I knew I had that before I was even married, and it seems like that might not explain everything. I know there’s a lot of things to investigate to really understand an infertile gal’s system (we’re more interesting than average!), but it shouldn’t take years to figure out why we’ve ALREADY been waiting years to get pregnant!

  2. They’ve refused to tell my my results in the past when he was out, even when they were normal. So maybe yours aren’t weird! He also left a message for me last week saying he was back on Monday and would call me then, but that’s interesting they told you he’s not back til Tuesday. Now I won’t get my hopes up on Monday.. haha!

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