Even my own email torments me

August 11, 2009

OK, seriously? As if living in a world of real-life pregnancies and babies weren’t difficult enough, even my trusty yahoo account is tormenting me.

The current ad on my yahoo email page is a big sidebar for Clearblue pregnancy tests. It features an image with four women looking at pregnancy tests. Three of them are shouting with glee, and one is saying “hmmm.”  I assume she is just wondering if she took the test too early. ha!

Interestingly enough, Clearblue does not picture any of these women huddled over in a ball of tears and anxiety. No one is staring at the tests with glazed over eyes, no one is plotting all the ways to destroy the evil big fat negative test stick.  Come on, Clearblue, how about some TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!?

Now, of course I can imagine why a  portrait of infertility’s despair did not strike the Clearblue ad wizards as a particularly good idea.  You think?

But do these women have to gloat about their pregnancy tests right there in my own private email account?! Take your stinkin’ positive tests somewhere else, ladies. Leave me in peace. ; )



  1. I totally understand your reasoning. I think those ads are for the 95% (or is more now) of women who never face IF and have to worry more about preventing a pregnancy. Yeah, it’s like that. A good ad for us would be a woman throwing the BFN preg stick across the room…”When Clea.rblue Es.sy is not so easy.” Haaa!!!! I think a blogger mentioned the ails of preg sticks and she mentioned that is should say “So sorry, hon, not this month.” and not a big fat Not Pregnant! I guess us IF’ers have to try to have some fun with the woes of IF. God bless.

  2. Sartre has nothing on this. I think you should design an accurate ad and send it in to ClearBlue and propose they run it…some tearstained faces, maybe some alcohol, one of those dramatic piles of injectibles, a cycle chart, a specimen cup…you know, all the good stuff!

  3. LOL. i love it. and i agree with misfit… clearblue and first response could use some real life IF education.

    i see the same thing on facebook… i realized you can rate their ads, so anything that comes up having to do with pregnancy i rate “offensive.”

    maybe a little over the top, but i get some satisfaction out of it.

  4. I screwed up and posted my last comment when it was logged onto my husband’s account! (It says NBC12) Can you either delete it or not post it? I’m so sorry about that!!

    And I’m sorry I had to comment again to tell you this but I didn’t know what else to do!!

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