39 and counting

August 18, 2009

Well, here we are at cycle day 39, and my temperature this morning was a cool 97.1 degrees (very low for me).

I have had my share of 36 day cycles, but I think this one might be the Longest Cycle Ever. Plus, HOW MUCH LONGER WILL IT GO, since I never even had a blessed thermal shift? Can I just have an annovulatory cycle, be over with it and just start my period this week? Oh, I hope so. I just want to start over.

I am at the point of  infertility when I just want to get my period.

This could be my worst cycle ever. It’s not like I am a portrait of female reproductive health: my reproductive system has failed to perform its ultimate and most important function, producing a baby. But in the past, I have at least ovulated (or appeared to on paper), had a thermal shift and subsequently gotten my period. And all in less than five weeks! Not this time.

I can’t help but blame the estradiol. I am applying it every day, as instructed. This was the first cycle of doing so. I feel like it has been a big waste of time and $120. And it has the delightful side-effect of bloat, which is particularly charming in swimsuit season.

I never heard back from my doctor’s office about the blood test results (from my fabricated P+7 two weeks ago), even after a couple of calls. I called again and left a message today describing my extended weird cycle and asking if I should quit the estradiol. It certainly doesn’t seem to be helping anything.

I have not heard back. I am considering just quitting the estradiol on my own. Do you think I should? Or wait until I hear back?

(And for any delusional fans who are wondering if this could be the beginning of the long cycle I’ve been waiting for, no. I did pee on a stick on Sunday. Negative, not that I suspected anything different.  I don’t usually take HPTs, as it seems like adding insult to injury. But I felt like I had to go ahead and get the BFN confirmation, just in case my doctor’s office ever calls me back and asks.)



  1. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the estradoil question…I’ve never taken it. But P+39 does seem long…I got excited until you said you did the HPT…I would think it’s time for a blood test to see what is going on. I also had a dr who never got back to me with test results which was so frustrating! Afterall, what are we paying these dr’s to do? One of the things I like about this new RE I’ve been going to is that they always get back to me on the day I called! I think that is awesome. Good luck with it all and I’m praying for you and the rest of us IF bloggers. Lord Jesus..Have mercy on us!

  2. I know nothing of the estradoil, but I can sympathize with the long annovulatory cycles – I’ve had many and the days just drag. I hope you get AF soon and can move on.

  3. So sorry about your struggle 😦

    I’m on CD31 with no luck. Well, I haven’t been temping for awhile, so who knows? Hang in there!

  4. You could leave a message and say that UNLESS you hear back by the end of today, you will quit the estradiol. Then it’s their fault…that’s not addressed to the underlying problem of course, just winning the argument down the road :).

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