And we’re off…

August 30, 2009

Clomid update: My doctor’s office came through, and I was able to get the prescription 10 minutes before the pharmacy closed. It only cost 13 bucks, amazingly enough, making me feel much happier about purchasing it.  The pharmacist told me “good luck,” which for whatever reason seemed sweet instead of ridiculous. I’ve not noticed any side effects thus far, although I’ve only taken three nights and I am not sure when they show up (if they do)?

And in more exciting news…

Saturday update: I had a delightful day, and one of the highlights was meeting 6 other women for our first (informal) infertility support group meeting. Jeremiah29:11 was a great organizer and, of course, made sure there was a photo (see below). The man who took the picture saw a  group of beautiful, seemingly healthy young women and probably would have never guessed that what brought us together was our broken bodies and our faith. There is more to say about it than I can reflect on right now (I am typing this from my blackberry in the car at midnight). But I just want to say how grateful I am for each of you — those I met today, as well as the others whose blogs I read. This community is amazing and surely one of the the ways I see God working for good in what is otherwise an awful situation for each of us.  I am sure we would all prefer *not* to be in this club, but since we are, I am so very grateful to have such lovely companions on the journey. Thank you so much.

I continued to have a delightful day after the meeting. I stuck around Silver Spring and shopped at the farmers’ market (I kind of have a thing about farmers markets), then went to Borders to buy a Spain travel guide for the vacation we embark on tomorrow (err, today). A little ridiculous, yes? After my husband’s injury, we thought we’d have to cancel the trip, so I sort of refused to think about it until just a few days ago. But don’t worry, the hubs has already done much of the planning with the help of the NYTimes travel section.

We leave tomorrow and will be gone a week. I am excited. (This is my last chace to get out of town for a while; work will be insane as soon as I get back.) My husband will be hobbling along on crutches, so I hope the Spaniards are extra specially nice to us. We’re going to Madrid, Ronda then to visit my husband’s Chilean friend who lives near Seville. I am also pretty excited about our layover in Paris, where I hope to eat a delicious pastry or two. I *am* going to get that Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition book … but not until after my vacation.

The fun-filled Saturday concluded in one of my favorite places in the DC region, Wolftrap. The rain was not too bad, and we enjoyed a picnic (I love picnics!) on the lawn with friends from church.  The performance was a  showing of the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, with a live orchestra and choir performing the entire soundtrack. It was incredible — much cooler than I  thought it would be.  And as an extra special bonus, it turned out that the boy treble soloist was one of the sweet choristers from our church!

It was a wonderful day. On Sunday we’ll go to mass, pack and head to the airport!

Have a wonderful week!

IF support ladies



  1. So glad you all got together! Maybe one day the central VA bloggers will have to meet up with the DC bloggers!

    As for the clomid, I never had any symptoms on it. Tamoxifen gave me some abdominal pain (at least I think that’s what it was from.. maybe not!) and some hot flashes when we increased the dose (not to mention the big cyst it made me grow!). What dose are you on? And I thought Tamoxifen was the drug of choice at our doctor’s office. Did they say why they’re putting you on clomid as opposed to the other ones?

    Have a great trip!! I can’t wait to see some pictures!!

  2. Thanks, K! I don’t understand why clomid instead of tamoxifen — this all happened over the phone, so I did not get to ask NEARLY as many questions as I would like. But I felt like Dr. B just wanted to go old school with me. 🙂
    I am just on 50 mg, the lowest doze.
    I have an appointment with Dr. B in Sept., so hopefully I’ll get to find out a little more then!

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that we got to meet in person. I can’t wait for our group to meet again. Enjoy your trip and “good luck” with the clomid. 😉

    I seriously can’t believe that you’re going to Spain with your husband on crutches. But it sounds like he’s the kind of guy who can handle it.

    You are in my prayers.

  4. It was great to meet you yesterday – I look forward to catching up on your blog. Have fun on your trip – I can’t imagine going with a husband on crutches, but I’m glad you didn’t have to cancel the trip! Good luck with the Clomid – I think my sister said her first cycle on it was pretty good, but the second cycle was when she went a little nutty!

  5. Wow – I didn’t realize you were leaving the country, crutches and all! That’s going to be a really memorable vacation. Have a blast!

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