Clomid update, questions

September 10, 2009

We are back from Spain! It was wonderful, and I will post about it soon. But for now I will write this slightly less exciting clomid update, as it seems more time-sensitive.

This was my first clomid cycle. I took 50mg for five days, starting on day 3 (the penultimate dose was taken on the plane and the last dose on our first night in Spain). I noticed no side effects while I took it, praise be! I also applied half of my 1 mg dose of estradiol from a couple days into the clomid until around when I ovulated. (I was supposed to start it with the clomid, but I was still feeling bitter about the estrogen since I blame it for my lack of ovulation last month. My husband talked me into it.) I did have the standard clomid dry spell, but with mucus enhancers I was able to get at least a small amount of fluid.

So, all of that is fine. But I’m not exactly certain when I ovulated (again). So now I am in a P+7 bloodtest quandry (again).

With travelling and time zone shifts, I don’t have any kind of reliable temperature record. I am above 98 degrees now, which is usually post-ovulatory for me.

I usually ovulate late, circa day 18. Clomid people are supposed to ovulate 5 to 10 days after the last clomid does. I figured I would be on the latter end, so I was quite suprised when I took an ovulation predictor test 5 days after clomid and saw two lines (one either as dark as the other or very close). I also had pretty strong pains on the right side in my lower abdomen that day. I’ve never felt ovulation pain before, was that it?  It was kind of like bad menstrual cramps, but one-sided. It was a dull pain in the morning, then got worse through the afternoon. (However, I was nicely distracted by walking around Seville! So I didn’t think about the pain too much.) By the nightime, it was mostly gone. That was also my peak day of cervical fluid for the cycle — though the fluid was not really anything to write home about.

Sooo … that makes it seem like Saturday was the ovulation day. But the next day I took another OPK test just for kicks (I bought one of those packs of 20 that only last for 30 days). There were still two lines, but with one lighter than the other. Could an LH surge still be floating around after ovulation? I didn’t feel any pain that day, and didn’t have any fluid.  I had second lines of varying degrees of darkness on the OPK tests for a couple of days. None now.

At some point my temperature rose, but the whole temperature thing is a little murky because of the six hour time change. I’m wondering if I ovulated later? or on Saturday? Or maybe more than once? Does that happen on different days? (I told my husband we should keep trying in case maybe I was still ovulating and he replied, “Maybe we should just fertilize one egg.” Which kind of cracked me up, what with our lack of any history of fertilizing eggs.)

I need to get a P+7 blood test. If last Saturday, the abdominal pain day, was peak, that conveniently puts the blood draw for this Saturday. Does it make a difference if it is P+9(ish) instead, when places are open on Monday? Or should I go tomorrow, for P+6(or less)?

In another interesting development, it also so happened that I noticed a very, very tiny amount of blood when urinating on Saturday and Sunday morning. Also pain in urination. I was pretty convinced it was a urinary tract infection, but it went away quickly on Monday without any cranberry juice (they’re not into cranberries in Spain) or any other treatment. So could that be a weird clomid ovulation thing?

Wow, this is a lot of information about my body. I feel a little embarrassed.



  1. I’m a Creighton charter, so of course I would say your last day of peak-type mucus that you mentioned would be your peak day (which may not always coincide with ovulation, but it is the day you start counting from for peak +7 blood work). And that also coincides with your pain and your ovulation test, so that sounds right. Also, when you see a line that isn’t as dark as the test line on an opk, doesn’t that mean it’s negative? Meaning that the last time you saw two dark lines would have been the day it was predicting ovulation.

    Have you ever learned Creighton? I really takes all the guess work out of predicting when your peak day is.

    As for your blood draw, do you have any labs open on Saturday near you? I found one in my city that is open til noon. If not, then I would personally do it on peak +6, only because I’d be getting a peak +9 draw anyways, so I’d want to see both results. Good luck!

    • I agree with AYWH that your peak was most likely Saturday. I’d definitely try to look for a place open Saturday. Can you get it draw at one of the local hospitals? My local one has a 24 hour lab and I did that for my weekend draws. Good luck and I’m glad you had a great trip.

  2. Good luck. I start my first round of clomid on Sunday, and Wednesday I am leaving for Italy! I’m so worried about the side effects. Glad you didn’t have any! Gives me hope!

  3. P6 and a P7 blood draw really aren’t too different. I would go in for a P6 blood draw. That is what the nurses tell me….. 🙂 Definately not a p9. 🙂

  4. I hear tell that clomid causes awful ovulation pain, so that sounds right to me. If, in fact, you actually FELT ovulation (and it sounds like you did), then all that other stuff would just be details. But it sounds like it all points to Saturday. Ditto on looking for a hospital that has a lab open on Saturday. (Last place I lived, I could do that; I forget whether the blood lab I currently hang out at is open Saturdays. My blood never wants to get drawn then anyway – it wants me to get up early to go before work.)

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