November 3, 2009

Firstly, thank you to everyone who weighed in on my previous prometrium question. Several of you said your doctors prescribe it starting at P+3. That was good news, since I picked mine up on P+3 and thus had to start it then. But it was bad news because whyohwhy did my doctor prescribe it for P+1, when everyone else does it P+3? Pray tell, how would I even do that … since you can’t really confirm P+1 until you’ve progressed to at least P+2 or P+3…?

Oh, sigh. SIGH.

This is not the first time my doctor — whom I can’t help but *love*, even with all this craziness — has been less-than-clear about when I should take medication. During the estrogen debacle of last summer, he wrote one thing on the prescription and then the nurses told me another thing on the phone. We switched around the timing of that several times, until it totally freaked out my body to the point that my poor ovaries went on strike and refused to ovulate. They showed him! Those ovaries.

He also told me two weeks ago that he wanted to consult with another doctor in the practice about what I should be doing and call me back. I expected a call last week. I held out and left a message on Monday. Still no word. I’d also like an order for bloodwork, please!

Sigh. SIGH.

And yet, I have an even more vexing conundrum. My ovaries hurt. Why would that be happening?

Perhaps it is not my ovaries exactly. But something hurts — it’s in that general region, on both sides, low in my abdomen right at the sitting angle. It’s a very dull pain, kind of like the pain I felt at ovulation the first time I took clomid. Maybe lighter. An annoying but not at all crippling pain. It’s been going on pretty much nonstop since last night. This is at P+3 and P+4. What could it be? I can’t imagine it is anything good. (I am fairly certain I was right about ovulating several days ago — I had a positive OPK and my temps went up. also, no fertile CM anymore.)

In happier and completely unrelated news, I received a cat Santa hat in the mail today, which — if we can get our cat to actually tolerate it for 5 seconds — will make for a truly hilarious Christmas card photo.

And I had one other small success: I finally found a gift for my husband for our upcoming third anniversary.  My husband reads my blog (hi darling!), so I will not say what the gift is. But I am glad I found one. We do the traditional gifts, and this year is leather. That sounded easy enough until we tried finding things to get eachother (shoes are too hard to get without the person trying them on, a leather recliner is too big an investment without collaborating on it, etc.). So, it feels like a success.

Also, I hope all your Virginia people are voting today! Living in DC, I have nothing to vote for. But the VA Gov race is very interesting.


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  1. Grrr… so sorry to hear about the doctor frustration. As if this road isn’t difficult enough, it would be nice if the professionals gave us confidence in what they’re doing!! I wonder if he was going to consult with Dr. L??? I go back and forth with my feelings towards the practice as well. For the most part, I do feel good about the care I’m getting.

    Regarding the pain, I really have no idea. Although I will tell you that I’ve been having some post-ovulation pain lately too. It’s more like discomfort than pain. I have also wondered what it was… do we have ovulation pain for days after ovulating???

    Let me know if you get any answers! Oh, and will you be able to join us on 11/21? Maybe you can ask Dr. B your questions then. 🙂

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