Cycle review, waiting by the phone

November 19, 2009

You may recall that about a month ago I talked to my doctor on the phone about my blood test results. He said my post-peak progesterone was a little low and prescribed prometrium. He also said he wanted to consult another doctor in his practice (Dr. C) to see what she thought. He said he would call me back the next week to confirm the plan.

Weeks went by, I left messages at the office, he never called. My doctor is a wonderful human being and I adore him, but I am starting to think he is really oversubscribed. He was travelling, etc., and unavailable for almost two weeks. In the meantime, I had an entire cycle. One of the nurses kindly had another doctor write a prescription for another round of post-peak bloodwork, since I was unable to get in touch with my doctor.

Last Friday, surprise! My doctor calls. We had another round of bloodwork to talk about. My body definitely responded to the prometrium. My progesterone levels were high — he said they looked great. My estrogen was “reasonable.”

“If anything, I am concerned those (estradiol) numbers might be a little low,” he said.

Given the high progesterone numbers, he told me to take a pregnancy test on Sunday. He said he would call me at home that night, and depending on the test results, he would talk to Dr. C again and call me back on Monday. Two calls!

I had a feeling I was *not* pregnant, but when my doctor orders a pregnancy test and says he will call to hear the results on a Sunday night, you can imagine how it might get my hopes up. I tried so hard to calm my nerves, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it ALL WEEKEND.

On Saturday, I had a long talk with myself and God. My conclusion was basically: the Lord is God, and he is worthy of praise, always. ALWAYS. So my challenge to myself was that I would sing in praise and love and adoration at church on Sunday, regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy test.

On Sunday morning, my temperature dropped. I sighed and said, “I knew it.” With those words my husband knew too. I took the pregnancy test anyway, because there was no blood yet, and, after all, my doctor had told me to take a test. (I didn’t want him to call, and me to say, “My temperature dropped and I was too depressed to test, but no period yet.”)

So, I tested. It was negative. Of course.

At church I had another long talk with God. My conclusion was basically: I praise you, ALWAYS. But right now I am crying while I do it.

In my church, the deacon lists all the expectant mothers during the Prayers of the People, and I have to admit I always freeze up as they start, trying to guard myself in case there is a new name. There was a new name Sunday. It is a lovely person who has previously struggled with endometriosis (she had surgery years ago and took birth control on doctor’s orders). I knew she and her husband had recently started trying to get pregnant, and I guess I selfishly wanted her to become my infertility friend. That is wrong; I know that. Sinful and selfish. My rational self does not want ANYONE to have to deal with infertility. My rational self is OVERJOYED at this woman’s pregnancy. But my emotional self was having a little bit of a hard time getting on board with that on Sunday morning.

I’m now at cycle day 5.  I still have not talked to my doctor. I did not hear from him Sunday night. He did call Monday, but it was, of course, the one time I was away from my phone all day. He left a message: “Just wanted to hear how your weekend was, girl.” Hahaha, like he wanted to hear about our Saturday night of swing-dancing.

He said he would call back later Monday. He did not. I left a message at his office on Tuesday. nothing. In the previous message, he mentioned that he wanted to talk to Dr. C about whether or not I should do another cycle of clomid. Since I had not heard from anyone, I went ahead and started a new clomid cycle last night. This will be my fourth.

And because I know there is nothing we love more than bloodwork numbers, here are mine. I feel like I am basically self-diagnosing, etc., now, so I would appreciate any insight. I am going to see Dr. Stegman in February, so hopefully I will get a little more attention from him.

two months ago, clomid results:

progesterone 18 (P+6ish), 9 (P+10), 8 (P+11) (not exactly sure if peak was one day or the other, and I went out of town, thus the odd timing)

estrogen 125 (P+6ish), 90 (P+10), 80 (P+11)


This past cycle, clomid plus prometrium post-peak

progesterone 31 (P+7), 19 (P+10), 20 (P+11); (Peak+9 fell on a Sunday and I couldn’t get the bloodwork done.)

estrogen 179 (P+7), 80 (P+10), 98 (P+11)



  1. I can just HEAR him leaving that message about how your weekend was, girl! Haha!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you have extremely high progesterone, without taking supplements, a while back? If so, do they know what is causing the extreme fluctuation?

    I can’t wait for both of us to go to Dr. Stegman!

  2. I’m sorry to say, but I’m a bit ticked at your Dr getting your hopes up like that. You were ON progesterone, 31 is NOT a high # for being on progesterone!! Sounds like it was a sucky Sunday, I’m ss 😦

    Have you contacted FJIEJ? She can take you on long-distance for less than the price down in DC. And she works with Dr S, so it would be perfect for your chart management needs!

  3. I’m sorry about your dr. issues. I hope that going to see Dr. S helps and you need to get in contact with FJIEJ if you haven’t already.

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