Coming to you live from 36k feet

November 20, 2009

I am currently hovering right over the center of the country, at 36,000 feet, traveling 475 miles an hour!

We are on a plane headed to my husband’s grandpa’s funeral in Pasadena.

It costs $8 to watch a movie, but the plane has free wi-fi, oddly enough. So here I am, blogging from up,up, up above … passing over Kansas City now. (We’ll be back there next weekend for Thanksgiving.)

I am starting to chart Creighton. I went to the introductory session last week and intended to start my chart when I started a new cycle on Sunday (I know you are supposed to start immediately, but I knew I was a few days from a new cycle (or pregnancy hahaha), so I just opted to wait). I had not actually read the book and started the chart until tonight. On the plane. With some poor woman I have never met before sitting beside me. Hello, welcome to the plane! Would you like to learn a little more about your cervical mucus?

I strategically covered the pages as I was reading. And when I got out the chart and started putting my red stickers on it, I figured she would just think one of two things: 1) This woman next to me must be an elementary school teacher. 2) Hey look, a Creighton chart, just like I have. How funny to do it on a plane!

Anywhim, I do have a point. Or rather, a question. The book has detailed descriptions of cervical mucus, of course, but I saw no standardized description of what defines “heavy,” “moderate” and “light” for menstrual flow. I will be able to ask my instructor in the follow-up sessions, of course, but I am just curious now. Do you know of standards for what counts as “heavy” or “moderate”?

My period seems to be fairly light (one moderate day , three light days, one VL so far) this month and I am wondering if it has to do with the progesterone dominance vs. estrogen.

Prior to my recent clomid days, I had short, light to moderate periods with a day or two of brown blood at the end (but was it brown on the toilet paper or just on my pad? not sure because I was not creighton-ing).

And in answer to a question AYWH wrote on my last post. Yes, the saliva test I had done last spring showed really ridiculously high progesterone after ovulation. On no medication. Dr. B said it was a problem at the time. But either that test was a fluke, which is entirely possible (there were other things going on that month: it was Lent, so my diet was really different, and I was training for a marathon), or my body has just reacted differently on clomid. Either way, I’d like to do a whole hormone panel again.  I assume I will do that with Dr. S.

In the meantime I also made an appointment with Dr. C for Nov. 30th. Every time I talk to my doctor he says he wants to run things by her. But it seems to be pretty hard for him to get a chance to do so and then call me. So I figured I would just go ask her myself.

It all seems a little hopeless, though, to be honest. I’m just waiting for February at this point.






  1. Oh how I wish I could be calmly flying like you! I pray one day I’ll get over my fear 🙂

    Well you have asked a question I didn’t even think to ask for the first five years!!! Not until recently did I chat with other bloggers about what defines heavy, medium and light and realize that my scale was drastically different from that of other women. I was charting heavy when others would’ve charted medium at best. But how are we supposed to know this? At least, I was never taught it in my Creighton sessions. So please share with us if you learn how to officially chart the difference!

  2. When it comes to charting period, you chart what is H,M,L,VL for you. It’s not ‘according’ to someone else or a description. I think I just got the hang of it too and I’ve been spotty charting for a year. 🙂

    So cool a plane with wifi!!! I love it! Have a great time! I love to fly! 😉 Hence my flight attendant days. 🙂 Flying is freedom! 😉 hehhe

  3. Praying for the soul of your dh’s grandfather. Wish you were flying for a vacation..and on a happier note! That is so cool that now one can blog from up above! Technology has come a long way…but of course, those who use computers for work can no longer use the “I’m in a plane” excuse for not getting things done, huh? So, when can we actually get away from it all? hmmmm….

  4. Awwww, I’m so proud of Sew! Something I taught her stuck!!

    Yes, the period charting is subjective – whatever is your “normal” heavy, moderate, light, etc. (And if you normally have no days of “heavy” or “very light,” that’s ok, too.)

    How cute to chart on the plane! I met my husband on a plane, imagine if I was doing my chart at the time, lmbo!! (Hey, cute guy, look at this! You’re going to be an ol’ pro at it someday!!)

  5. I know what you mean – it’s so hard to hope that another appointment, consultation, round of testing, set of prescriptions will make any difference (other than nausea, irritability, and abdominal pain, natch) when the last eleventy didn’t. Of course, some IFers have chronic hope disease, wherein each cycle, the regimen seems to offer a better chance that anything before and this will be the one! (I obviously do not suffer from this.) Saying prayers for your dh’s grandpa’s soul. Hope Drs. S and C can figure out something about your very interesting hormones.

  6. That’s so awesome that there’s wi-fi on the plane. What airline? That’s awesome that you are charting on the plane. Praying for your DH’s grandpa’s soul.

  7. I can’t find your email address! Can you email me and I can let you know our prices, etc. 🙂

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