November 24, 2009

I just got home from a delightful night at the Shakespeare Theatre, including an opening night reception at a swanky Mexican restaurant. There are a few different things that successfully make me forget infertility for a little while and enjoy being carefree. Shakespeare opening nights are one of them. Although darnit if I didn’t talk with my husband about accupuncture tonight and nearly spoil it. (I made an infertility accupuncture appointment earlier today.)

Upon returning home circa 12:30 am I was greeted by a hungry, meowing cat…and a medical bill. This one is for $900 of uncovered bloodwork charges. It appears to be just for estradiol and progesterone on three days last month.

Seriously? You have got to be kidding me.

I feel like Jeremiah tonight, just SO OVER THIS DANG INFERTILITY. Can’t I just be a normal person, who doesn’t spend half her day scheduling medical appointments, inquiring into health insurance, paying ridiculous bills and LOSING HER TEETH?!

And I haven’t even written my “angry post” yet.

Lord, have mercy.



  1. Those unplanned med bills always put my dh and I in a “tissy”. Gosh…we are now very forward and adament about getting costs upfront and we talk to the ins. co. to see what exactly is covered. Of course, we get an ambigious answer but they are usually able to give us a ballpark. We are so thankful that as of now…our ins. is pretty good…however…if our “lovely” pres. gets his way…that is going to change. We know right now that our monthly costs will be going up. Ugh!

    Praying for you!!!!

  2. How is that possible? Can you re-submit it?? Mine cost like $4 a time. And haven’t you gotten it drawn before, or is this the first cycle?

    I hope you can fight it!!

  3. I am really confused by the bill — I thought it was for all the blood tests I have had done, but now I think it was just for three in November. As far as the astronomical price goes …I really think it is *not* possible. The lab appeared to bill my insurance a little over $300 per test, and my insurance paid only the $40 or whatever that it allots for such work. So this was a notice saying that the insurance would not pay the rest. The lab can then bill me for the balance. I have convinced myself that the lab will not bill me — that perhaps it was some weird typo. If they do, I will have to fight it. There is no way blood tests cost that much.

  4. Oh.my.gosh. How is that even possible? I am praying that you post an update saying it was all a mistake!!!

    Ugh, I’m glad that we have each other… but I’m sorry that we are united in our frustration!

    I hope you can rest and relax this Thanksgiving week. 🙂

  5. Wow, I’m sorry you are having to tell with medical bill drama. It sounds like it’s definitely worth fighting if they end up billing you. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving despite this.

  6. […] may recall my concerns about a strange statement from my insurance that indicated I might owe nearly $900 for […]

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