No. Way.

December 3, 2009

Just when I had decided to take a mental break from the infertility INCONSANITY. (inconceivable insanity)

Apparently not.

You may recall my concerns about a strange statement from my insurance that indicated I might owe nearly $900 for bloodwork.

I decided it was all an error and that I would ignore it until I heard more, since it was not a bill. Insurance paid what they would for the bloodwork, it’s just that the lab charged a lot more.

I am going through enough calls and insurance woes right now with my teeth problems and trying to schedule other infertility appointments with new doctors, so I just couldn’t deal with one more.   I figured the lab charged things incorrectly and dismissed it from my brain.

Well, I just got a call from the lab. The guy, who I had loved up until this moment*, said that my insurance only paid $27 per test, but that each test actually “cost” at least $80.

He said either I need to get insurance to pay it, or I need to pay the difference.  “So, what do you want to do?”

This is crazy on many levels, one of them being — who calls you on your cell phone and says that? Without even saying any numbers or total dollar amounts? Or any explanation?

I told him that I needed to get something in writing and that I have never paid extra for a blood test, so I think he must be wrong.

I am dreading the fax he is allegedly now sending me.

I have no idea where I can even go to fight this. How do I even begin? Who do I call? I told him LabCorp does not charge that much for bloodtests. He said, “I don’t know what they do, but this is how much it costs.”

*I apparently have very bad judgement when it comes to medical practitioners.



  1. Ugh.. I’m so sorry! So is the $900 what you owe on all the blood tests you’ve gotten over the past several months? If they are just getting you now for it, that is just wrong. They should have told you after the first one you had done .Who was it that called you, someone from Labcorp?

    Can you re-submit it to your insurance? Sometimes insurance companies pay as little as possible and hope you’ll just pay it, but if you try to get them to pay more, they might do it.

    I’m praying for you and will pray for this specifically!

  2. thank you!! Yes, this is for bloodwork from Sept. – November, so for 14 tests, I think …? I am livid.
    It was not LabCorp. I went to a small, local place that takes my insurance, because they were super-convenient, I liked the guy, and I liked supporting a local business. But there is something to be said for big corporations — they know how to handle things. I guess I should have stayed with LabCorp.

  3. If they have an agreement with your insurance company (and if ins paid them, then they do), it includes a limit on the treatment costs they can charge ANYBODY – you or the insurance company. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a copay or a deductible, but most of the cost of each test doesn’t seem right. I think you’ll get the best answers from your ins co (ask to speak to the supervisor of the person who answers as soon as he starts sounding confused or disinterested), and then calling the insurance billing dept at the medical clinic. I would guess that you are right and he is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a headache to prove it. Sorry!! (Also, don’t pay him a dime until you’re sure HE’S right, ’cause you’ll never get that money back.)

  4. I’d go ahead and do what the misfit said.

  5. Ugh! How frustrating! I think he is wrong though. Even if your insurance company doesn’t cover the entire billed cost of the test, they should have a negotiated rate with the lab. The lab shouldn’t be charging anything beyond that rate. I usually get a statement from my insurance company saying what was originally billed, what their negotiated rate is, what insurance paid, and what I still owe. It usually takes a while to get my statements – often after the lab bills come in, but I would try to look into that. The original bill is always through the roof high and insurance cuts those rates way down. Good luck!

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