Still alive, mostly. And a quandry.

December 16, 2009

Hello! I am sorry I dropped off the face of the blogosphere. I helped facilitate a workshop in California last week, and it basically made my December blow up. kablow!

Working late hours is not really helping my Advent reflection and Christmas cheer.

Now I am back in DC … and back on CD 2. yippee.

I’m not really sure what to do this month, as far as my treatment goes. I’m charting and waiting for that blessed day in late February when I have my first appointment with Dr. Stegman.  In the meantime, I don’t know if I should ditch the meds temporarily. And should I do some “plain” unmedicated bloodwork? Ask for CD 3 numbers again? What would give me the best information going into my appointment with Dr. S?

I had two appointments the week after Thanksgiving, and just did not have the energy to blog about them. Again, my apologies. I saw Dr. C, a new doctor for me at my old practice. There is more to say than I have time, but in short: many pregnant women in the office, none of them me; I felt like she was super rushed and didn’t listen; she gave me a lot of hokey just-starting-out type advice, like I hadn’t been at that office for a year; and, well, I had no idea she would be so dang perky — threw me for a loop.

In the end, Dr. C wrote a new prescription for Tamoxifen. Told me to try it next cycle, ditch the estradiol, prometrium and clomid  and get P+7 done. (I have been taking Clomid for four months, but she prefers Tamoxifen.)

Later that week I saw an accupuncturist for the first time, and he suggested I just let my body rest for a month or a few and go off all the hormones. His reasoning: since June I have been on various regimes of estrogen, then clomid, then clomid plus estradiol, then clomid plus estradiol plus prometrium…a big random experimental trial in my gonads. In the meantime, my cervical mucus has almost completely dried up (something he wants to help me with, with his lil’ needles), and I have no pregnancy to report. Perhaps my body is on strike. He was mad that the doctors have been stimulating my ovaries without checking to see the response, and he seems to think the various medications and all their hormonal fluctuations have probably confused my body. He said I should let it rest so that when Dr. S wants to try whatever, my body will be ready to receive it.

Now, usually I would side with my doctor and with taking meds. But I don’t know … As Mr. Accupuncture was talking, it all really seemed to make sense. The first month I took clomid I felt strong ovulation pains on day 13, something I have never felt before or since. And while my doctor flew in and out of my room and gave me this prescription without really listening to me, my accupuncturist sat down with me for OVER AN HOUR to talk about my treatment.

But I also wonder if I should just try tamoxifen to see what it does/if it helps?

And not sure how/if this all relates, but so far my period seems to be more, err, abundant than it has been recently. My period had been really light the past several months, but so far I have M and H for this month …  So, I don’t know what that means and if it indicates I had good buildup or something last month …. and would have a better cycle this month…? But then I think: why would this month be any different than the last 20 or so — some of which had heavier periods — that did not end in pregnancy? Mercy me.



  1. You just described all the appointments I’ve had with her exactly. It’s totally rushed, it’s as if she thinks I’m just starting to try to conceive, and I leave with a prescription for Tamoxifen.

    I think your acupuncturist makes perfect sense. I was thinking about doing the prometrium again this cycle but after reading about what he told you, I think I’m going to go drug free until my appointment with Dr. S (well, not totally drug free, but none of the ones that switch from cycle to cycle). And after just reading about the Misfit’s experience with Tamoxifen, I’m more convinced than ever that she’s just throwing it blindly at all of us. I wouldn’t do it if I were you.

    Aren’t you excited for your appointment? I am SO looking forward to it. I don’t want to put too much pressure on it, but it’s my last hope. And possibly my first chance at getting really good treatment. I hope it works out for both of us!!

  2. If it were me I would NOT FILL the tamoxifen at all! 🙂 I would totally take a break from all meds until my appointment. I think that sounds like a fantastic idea!

    Glad you are running from that clinic! 🙂

  3. Ugh. I’m so sorry. But I feel the same as you… in so many ways. I agree with AYWH and Sew – go off the meds and look forward to your appointment with Dr. S! Did you see that I jumped on the bandwagon??? My appointment is in March.

    I’m trying to have hope for all of us, but I’ve been feeling hopeless lately. None of these treatments have ever seemed to make sense to me. They all seem so random!

    I’m trying to pray more and just surrender. It’s in the Lord’s hands, not ours. I’m praying for you and looking forward to getting together in the New Year!!

  4. I agree with the other bloggers; just go med free until your appt. with Dr. S. Good luck.

  5. I have seen Dr. C a couple times and my hubs and I did not like the expierence. She was like you described – seemed very rushed, didn’t really listen.

    Before I went to see Dr. S I went off all meds for a couple months because I knew he would want to do a hormone profile and I wanted to see what my hormones were REALLY doing, without any medication. It would also be helpful for him to see what your charts look like with no meds. He should be able to give you some immediate feedback at your first appointment.

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