Handy chart on hormone reference ranges *UPDATED

January 7, 2010

I just found this chart with all sorts of information on hormone levels and reference ranges.

I got the numbers from my doctor’s office yesterday for some day 3 bloodwork I had done a few months ago and was checking it out. (They had previously told me it was all normal, and that appears to be true.* But I wanted to see the actual numbers.)  My acupuncturist, of all people, was particularly interested in knowing exactly what my FSH, LH and E2 levels are. Oh, I love him.

I know others have said that there can be thyroid problems even if you are considered in the normal range. If anyone wants to help explain that to me here, I’d appreciate it.


*I take that back about my ranges looking normal. My estradiol was 163 on day 3 and normal is 25-75.

Perhaps mine was on a different scale? Because that is a pretty big difference. I don’t know if it was 163 of what? I also don’t *appear* to have high estrogen, in that I have pretty scant cervical mucus. “Abnormally high levels on day 3 may indicate existence of a functional cyst or diminished ovarian reserve.” Sounds fun.



  1. I have a thyroid issue and my ranges are within normal. I guess the thing is that “normal” means different things to different docotrs…most doctors want it below 5, but doctors who are “in the know” about fertility issues usually want to see it under three, and my docoter said she’d like mine to be at 2 or even 1.
    That’s all I know. Which isn’t much.

  2. It doesn’t sound likely that it’s in a different scale since the ones usually used are pg/mL or ng/dL (PPVI uses this), and ng/dL is 1/10 of pg/mL, which would make it 10 times higher at 1630. I’d call your dr. and check about this concern. It’s probably worth it to get your FSH and E2 checked again. If you have a cyst or diminished ovarian reserve, you want to find out what going on so that you can make plans based on it.

    From what I understand, and you’d want to check with TCIE or FJIEJ, high estrogen on day 3 doesn’t mean that you have high estrogen at peak day. It may actually make estrogen lower than it should be at peak since your body isn’t responding correctly.

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