When the time was fulfilled

January 7, 2010

I was traveling last week and not tuned into the blogosphere. So imagine my delight and surprise when I saw what had transpired in the past week for my dear AYWH!  The crazy thing about adoption is that you can wait and wait and wait and wait and nothing happens … but then when things do happen, they can happen really fast.

Like so many of you, my heart is full of such joy to see our friend with her daughter. I started bawling when I saw the first family portrait today (I weep all the time, but this was full-on, face-scrunched-up, overwhelmed-with-emotion, so-happy-for-you crying.) It is wonderful to see this new blessing in R and K’s life. But I have also been really moved by the support of this band of women around her — the blogger who alerted her to the baby, women who helped with adoption funds, those who have been praying for and encouraging her and all of us who have been obsessively refreshing our browers all day waiting to see the family photo! I just love it! It’s like fifty of us were crammed in the backseat of the van, cheering and chattering and ooo-ing and aah-ing over the beautiful Clara.

I could just stare at this photo all day. Except then I might spend the whole day teary eyed.

Like many of you, AYWH’s blog was my introduction to this world of faithful infertile bloggers. A little over a year ago, I was grappling with my infertility and so lonely and confused. One in six people might be infertile, but the experience out there in the world is that it seems like everyone else is having babies left and right. I felt so alone on this path.

But not anymore! I am so grateful for this blogging community. K’s adoption story is the perfect example of how powerful this group of praying, sharing women can be.  But I am also grateful every day for you who share your hearts and hormone levels on your blogs, and to those who read my ramblings and encourage me.

I have a little book of devotions I read every Advent and Christmas,called Watch for the Light. It has different devotions and reflections for each day from a range of scholars and authors. On Sunday night I read one that particularly moved me, especially thinking about how long so many of us have been waiting and also knowing that K might finally be picking up her baby soon. It was a reflection on Luke 2:5-6 : Joseph went up to Bethlehem to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time was fulfilled for the baby to be born ,and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son.

The author of the reflection, Eberhard Arnold, focused on the “redeeming power” of the words “when the time was fulfilled,” how Christmas came not on a human schedule as a result of things we did, but as a miracle, a gift from God.  In this way, he says, it can continue to come anew to us. I was reading the devotion aloud with my husband, and I started to tear up as I read this particular section:

“You perhaps have waited for years to be freed from some need. For a long, long time you have looked out from the darkness in search of the light and have had a difficult problem in life that you have not been able to solve in spite of great efforts. And then, when the time was fulfilled and God’s hour had come, did not a solution, light and deliverance come quite unexpectedly, perhaps quite differently than you thought? Hasn’t this happened to you, just as the child comes at his own time, and no impatience or hurrying can compel it — but then it comes with its blessing and full of the wonder of God? Hasn’t God’s help come to us sometimes in this way?”

Lord, thank you for the wonderful, unexpected ways you have shone light and deliverance on so many of our friends recently. Deliver us, Lord. Show us patience. Show us your light. Please lead our hearts to your will. And make your will done in our lives.



  1. Beautiful post!

  2. Beautiful reflection! How appropriate was that? Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you had a blessed Christmas. I am praying that 2010 brings many blessings for all of us. 🙂

  3. Dang you have me tearing up over here! I’m not even hormonal and I’ve been a basket case all week! 😉 hahahaha

    Great reflection, thanks for sharing!

    2010 has started off with a bang! I can’t see it slowing down anytime soon! 😉

  4. OMG! Your post was so beautiful..and right on! I feel choked up too now. It is so amazing how God works in our lives and most of us women are seeing that first hand with the new family that was formed so quickly, just before our eyes! When my friends adopted their son…that is how it happened..one day they were parentless and within 48 hours their son was in their laps(another couple I know had their son within two weeks). I’m in complete awe. We can not imagine how lucky and blessed that little girl is too. She now has great faithful parents to take care of her. I can tell your post was written with prayer and such thoughtfulness. Thank you.

  5. Oh that was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! I am so in awe of God’s plan. It was nearly impossible for me to see before last Thursday, but it was there all along, just like it is already in the works for you, too.

    And I am also in awe of the response of the blog community. I want to shout it from the roof tops! What wr have I’d really, really special. And I DID feel like you were all in the back seat! I’m not kidding! I felt lifted up by all of you all week, so much so that it is hard to put into words. I literally couldn’t have done it without all of you!

    We need to meet in person some day soon, okay

  6. Sorry.. I’m typing on a phone.. hopefully you can decipher my previous comment!

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