Things that happened today, having nothing to do with my infertility

January 8, 2010

I have realized I am somewhat clinical in my blogging, and I really love reading all the things y’all post about the other fun stuff going on in life. So, I am going to try to be better about sharing some of the everyday things in my life, besides my hormone levels.

Maybe I will post some pictures too, but I am a little paranoid. I am also notoriously bad about uploading photos. So maybe not.

Anyway, about my day…

I will start with the classic elevator chat: the weather. It is very cold here in DC and snowed a little last night. It was nothing like the 18 inches of snow we got in December, which was just majestic, but today’s dusting was still nice. I must admit I LOVE the cold and snow. I even love shovelling snow (though, honestly, it’s easy for me to say, since I only have to shovel a city sidewalk in front of my narrow house — no huge driveway).

I grew up in South Carolina, so I think winter is still a novelty for me.  I don’t mind cold weather — at least not the moderately cold temps we get in DC. I find it invigorating. I might feel differently if I lived in, say, Minnesota.

My husband — we’ll call him “Mr. Good” or “Ned” (neither of which are his names)– joined me today for a lunchtime run  on the snowy mall. It was 20 degrees  with 20 mile-per-hour winds. It was lovely until we got out in the open, away from the shelter of any buildings — at which point it was pretty brutal and we turned around.

But I would choose to run in 20 degree weather over 90 degree weather any day. Unfortunately, I have to do plenty of hot-weather running if I want to get out in this swamp town in the summer.

For any of you who remember Mr. Good’s bike wreck and hospitalization in July, you may be thinking, “wow! he’s running?” Yes, I am happy to report that he is healing well and has started running in the past month or so. He saw the orthopaedist today, and the bone looks good. He won’t have to go back for another x-ray until June. We’ll run a half-marathon in the spring or summer to test how the titanium rod does in longer distances. (unless I’m pregnant by then, bwahahahaha!)

Tonight we’ll go to a play. We usher at a couple theatres in town. It’s a great gig — you show up an hour and a half early, hand out programs, help patrons, and you get to see plays for free! I started college as a theatre major, and I love the arts.  Tonight we get to see The Fantasticks, a classic musical that I have somehow managed not to see before.

Tomorrow is my only free Saturday in January, which is somewhat distressing (distressing that the rest of the month is so busy, not that tomorrow is free).  I need to figure out how to set aside that anxiety and focus on the fact that tomorrow, itself, can be a  good, relaxing, productive day.



  1. I agree with your musings on the weather. I love the snow and we have a lot thus far this year – it is really pretty! But…I actually do live in Minnesota and it has been the downright, chill you to the bones, make you want to do nothing but curl up in a ball and pray for summer type of cold lately. I was driving into work earlier this week and the outdoor temp (actual – not including wind chill) was -18F. Boy, talk about depressing! I think we may get a warm front this weekend and it will hit +20F…my oh my will that feel good! I hope you enjoy your free Saturday.

  2. It’s pretty cold here in the deep south too. We barely got above freezing in the last two days. Stay warm and enjoy your free Saturday.

  3. YAY SNOW! I was wandering around my living room this morning doing nothing and I realized the images dimly visible through the curtains looked odd – the wrong light. So I pushed them aside and realized that THE LAWN WAS WHITE! I was so sad last year when there was just about no snow in DC. This is really much better. And may I say, I don’t care what you post about, just as long as you post more often! You always have interesting things to share. And I’m very glad to hear that the hubby is recovering (and beyond impressed with your meeting to run on the mall!).

  4. I live in N.IL and it’s been downright cold and snowy too. Burrr…I’ll be starting another class soon and walking around campus when it’s -15 with the windchill…is downright cruel. I walk as fast as I can from my car to the building. It’s hard to get close parking spots too. 🙂

    I love the theatrical arts too. My dh and I used to see plays and musicals when we were dating but haven’t done so since we got married. Maybe for our Anniversary in May, we can go see a show. hmmm… That does sounds like a good gig you have there.

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