Recovering … or am I?

January 25, 2010

Thanks to all for your well wishes on my tooth situation. I am happy to report that today I am starting to feel somewhat normal and may  embrace the world of fully-solid foods soon. Glory be!

I would also like to say to anyone out there getting oral surgery in the future: nitrous oxide is your friend. At first I thought it was not working, but then I started to breathe very deeply and say the rosary, and that seemed to do the trick. It was totally relaxing and definitely took the edge off a painful, awkward procedure.

I opted for laughing gas because it was cheaper than general anasthesia, but I think I actually preffered it. Several hours after this procedure, I was alert and able to put together coherent sentences, even if it hurt to say them. I think it took me three days to feel fully awake after I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

One small blessing of my empty womb: if I had been pregnant, I would have just had local anesthesia numbing stuff. ouch. It would be totally worth it for the baby, but since there was no baby, I am glad I could enjoy the sweet, sweet laughing gas.  In the unlikely event that I am miraculously pregnant before I have to get the next procedure done, I may just put it off the tooth replacement until post-baby.

To sum it up:I heart nitrous oxide. Worth every penny.

I have been feeling a little more steady, emotions-wise, lately. But I am pretty depressed today.I am not totally sure why. I am feeling hormonally off-kilter, and I cried, CRIED, this morning on the bus when I read a nice article about the New Orleans Saints. I love an inspiring sports story, but this seemed a little extreme.

I am going to blame it in part on the fact that my tooth situation has prevented me from doing any running or other exercise for a week. I think that has me out of whack.

I am, apparently, addicted to endorphins.

I also had an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist today, which really drove home the feelings of despair. I have an appointment next month with Dr. Stegman. But I had also called this fertility clinic place, to make a back-up-plan appointment because I am a little concerned about maintaining a good long-distance relationship with Stegman. I thought maybe this place could help me with monitoring and evaluation. I was surprised they could see me so soon — well before my Stegman appointment. But it was a really frustrating appointment. So much so that without realizing it, in my work bathroom a few minutes ago I found myself standing at the sink having an imaginary conversation with the doctor. In my imagination, I challenged him and argued about his approach and The Problem with Contemporary Fertility Medicine … notably different than what happened in real life, where I stared at him dumbfounded.

I will blog more about what happened, but I have not talked to my husband about it yet, and I don’t want the poor man to have to hear it on the blog first. (not that it is anything particularly stunning or revealing. just darn annoying)

Hoping I feel much more hopeful after my appointment with Dr. Stegman next month!



  1. Sorry about the tooth and the RE, but I’m glad your surgery went well. I’m curious to hear about the appointment and I’m sure your appointment with Dr. S will go much better.

  2. I am also an endorphin addict! God help you if you’re around me and I haven’t exercised!

    I’m so glad that the dental surgery went well. At least there’s a small positive to being IF! I’ve never had nitrous oxide, but I hear that it’s good stuff!!

    Can’t wait to read about the details of your appointment!

  3. So does laughing gas work at any level as an endorphin substitute?

  4. I’m super curious to hear about your RE appointment! And of course I’m excited about your appointment with Dr. S. Mine is in March and I’m so ready to hear what he has to say.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

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