My cat stepped on my ovary, and other medical oddities…

February 4, 2010

So, have any of you experienced post-ovulatory pain in the general area of your ovaries?

I am quite certain I ovulated last Saturday-ish (positive OPK on Friday, followed by a temperature shift on Sunday). This was right in line with the predictions made at my otherwise useless RE visit earlier that week. At that appointment, the doctor did an ultrasound (my first! but ah me, it was a little depressing because in the movies it is always to look at a BABY, not a dysfunctional womb). He said my uterus thickness and follicle (on my left side?) indicated I would ovulate in about four days. All signs would indicate that I did in fact do that, on day 18. I had a slight pain on my lower left side day of ovulation.

So, now the weird thing is that after all this and after a significant temperature shift, I had twinge-y pains on my left side for a couple of days. Then a break, and now twinge-y pains on both sides. Not a sharp pain. Kind of sore …?? I think it is in the general area of my ovaries — it’s basically in the area where my legs and abdomen form a right angle when I sit. And to add another quirky element to this story: it didn’t hurt at all last night, then when my cat walked across my lap he stepped on that area on the left side and it hurt, like he was hitting a soft spot.  w-e-i-r-d

Today I have twinge-y/sore pains on both sides.

Anyone experienced this? Any idea what it could be? First I thought maybe my ovary was sore (snuh?) from it’s big job of ovulating — which, might I remind you, Ms. Ovary, is what you are supposed to do every month. It’s your job. But I don’t get the pain on both sides — days after ovulation. Am I imagining it? Could it be cysts? Can you have a temperature shift and all the signs of ovulation, but never actually do it?

I should perhaps also note that given my bloodwork, etc., no one has ever considered me a PCOS case.




  1. you had a clear shift with temps staying up 4/10ths?

  2. umm…unruptured follicle? follicle cyst? appendicitis? implantation pain? gas? I don’t really know. That’s weird about the cat, though.

  3. Maybe a corpus luteum cycst…possibly strong progesterone levels??!?!?!

  4. I think you definitely ovulated and this is something else. It could be digestion related or cysts. I have PCOS and several times have had large cl cysts on my ovaries and the nurse couldn’t believe I wasn’t in pain due to the size. Apparently they do bother a lot of people, but just not me.

  5. I had that happen to me this past cycle. I have no reason to believe that I didn’t ovulate (unless it was an unruptured follicle, which would give all the signs but not a true ovulation) since my period came right on time. I don’t know what caused it unless it’s related to the endo that I have on my ovaries (which is a strong possibility).

  6. I had post-ovulation twitching/pain all the time. Nothing too severe, but definitely noticable. I didn’t notice until after starting TTC. At first I thought maybe it was Mittleschmirtz (sp?), but later realized it was happening at the end of my cycles. Then I thought maybe it was from endo, but it continued even after surgery for endo. I never had any problems come from it. Just don’t want you to get too nervous about potential cysts, etc.

  7. I have pre- and post-ovulatory pain, but not usually exclusively post-. I think my pain is just from the amount of tissue that was removed when they removed the endometrioma and all the healing involved there, but that’s just a guess.
    The area of pain you’re describing sounds a little low to be ovary pain though. If it’s not ovary pain, could it be bladder or bowel related?

  8. hahahaha cat stepped on your ovary! I have laughed about this title for days! I love it!

    I have no clue……

    I know that bowel pain is right below the belly button or on the side of the belly button…Did you feel it there? My ovary pain is more lower in between my pelvic bone? I wish we had at home ultra sound machines. I would totally invest in it! 🙂

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