Intermission **UPDATE

March 1, 2010

I am sorry. I really am three-fourths of the way through my describing-the-appointment post. But work has been beastly lately, and I can’t muster up the energy to write much of anything else (and I had to work over the weekend too, so same goes there). I really will post it soon!!

For the time being, I hope you will let me take a few minutes to complain about my body.

My gonads have a sick sense of humor.

I am supposed to be getting a full cycle of bloodwork this month, to create a hormone profile. I’ve done a lot of bloodwork before, but Dr. S deemed it a half-hearted attempt to create a full profile. So, he ordered this series. However, my cycle appears to be getting all wonky on me. I am on CD17. My temperatures have been *dropping* a full 5/10ths lower than usual. My fertility monitor says my LH is rising. But according to Creighton, I am technically P+4.

I am waiting for that blessed cervical mucus to return, so I can write it off as “double peak.” Or something?

The last four or five cycles have been regular. But now when someone is finally paying attention, everything gets a little caddywumpus.

Now, one might think, “Well, if you are going to get a hormone profile done, might as well see what your body does when it freaks out, right?”

But this is unusual for me, and I am concerned about using an abnormal cycle as the guide for my treatment. I got my last hormone profile done (via saliva) exactly one year ago. As it turns out, I think that one was off and led us down the wrong path. My cycle was weird that month too — something I blame on Lent and diet change and training for a marathon. I feel like I lost a year in that process.

I could also ask to get another bloodwork hormone profile done, I suppose. And that might be the best option. But the lab is not exactly convenient to my workplace and I am sick already of trying to schedule times to go over there.

BODY! What is your deal? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME?

I also stopped acupuncture this month and wonder if my ovaries are protesting. I am sorry, little ovaries, but I can’t afford to keep doing accupuncture forever! I figured if I have to get surgery, I should save the money I would have spent on acupuncture for the next few months (when I assume I am highly unlikely to conceive anyway), and use it later when we might actually have a chance.

Now hup-two, gonads. Get with it. This indecision is driving me nuts.

UPDATE:  THANK YOU! Apparently, publicly shaming my body on this blog was enough to kick it into gear. After three days of basically nothing, I suddenly had 10C/K L. I guess that technically puts me in a “double peak” cycle. But at least now I seem to be headed in the right direction.



  1. I’m so glad that your body decided to behave! Yay!

  2. Love it when my body doesn’t cooperate. 😦 It seems like most profiles that I see happen this way. I am confident that you will get some answers soon.

  3. Public shame ALWAYS works! Glad to hear it is behaving.

  4. I’m glad your body responds to public shaming. After all my complaining about my hideous cycles, it’s clear that my body has no shame at all. It’s brazen in its misbehavior. Glad yours is more tractable. (It would be maddening to have all the assumptions based on a totally atypical cycle.)

  5. Can I just copy and paste your post into my blog to have the same shame factor placed upon my ovaries? I was creating a similar post in my head this morning.

  6. I’ll have to remember that public shame trick for the next time my reproductive system acts up (which is quite often).

    So glad things are back in gear! Can’t wait to see the results of your total profile.

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