Pelvic pain

March 29, 2010

Infertile women must be an OB nurse’s worst nightmare.  I had planned to be laid back about pregnancy … but that was when I had planned to be pregnant two years ago. Now there is no way.  I am a worry-wart and a stickler for the rules – I won’t touch caffeine and I’m even afraid to run very much. I am afraid of everything.

Newest fear: pelvic pain yesterday and today. This pain was in the general vicinity of my ovaries, mostly on the left but a little on the right, off and on all day and night. On the plus side: it is a very dull pain, it doesn’t stay in one spot and it comes and goes. The down side: pain in my ovarian region just doesn’t sound like a good thing to me.

So, I spent most of yesterday telling myself it was no big deal. But then last night I just couldn’t stop thinking about what if it is an ectopic pregnancy …? This then sent my mind down the road of the worst-possible-scenario….it would be undiagnosed, I would have to have an emergency surgery, I would lose the baby …. not to mention parts of my already-fragile reproductive system…

Always optimistic, I am.

So I thought I should just go ahead and call the doctor’s office. I talked to a nurse twice today. She essentially held my hand over the phone – bless her.  She consulted Dr. S and called back, said that infertile people are more in tune with their bodies, not to worry. If it were an ectopic pregnancy the pain would be much worse, etc. She said it’s probably just the aches and pains associated with changes that happen normally during pregnancy. I hope she is right.

God bless the infertile people and our constant monitoring of our bodies.



  1. You know, Living Advent mentioned that the feelings of Infertility don’t stop when you get pregnant. The feelings get transferred to the other anxiety-ridden parts of pregnancy. I think it’s natural to be more worried. 🙂 Glad you are OK

  2. ((hugs))

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