April 14, 2010

I called this morning and delayed the sonogram.

It is not usually like me to put off the acquisition of new information. Generally, I would rather know the good or bad news as soon as possible. (Except I do wait to open mail or medical bills sometimes. But only until after I’ve had a snack. )

So why did I put it off? I don’t know. But last night I decided I just couldn’t face it.

I realized that if it *were* bad news, I would have to come back to work directly and attempt to focus on a large, somewhat difficult assignment that is due tomorrow. And I’d have to call my husband, currently in Central America … and the thought of him being sad by himself in a hotel room was worse than the thought of me being sad by myself with our cat.

Of course, hopefully it will be good news. But I can live in limbo for a few more days.

This morning I rescheduled it for Monday, when my husband would be around and could go with me. But we decided it would be better to get the information sooner (just not today), so now it is scheduled for Friday afternoon. (plus it’s not like he would miss the baby waving or something) That makes the THIRD appointment time I’ve scheduled in the space of two days. They might hang up on me if I call again, so Friday it is.

Totally unrelated: Last night I had a craving for grilled cheese and soup. (is that a pregnancy symptom? ha) I don’t actually have any bread or cheese in the house. So, I went to the corner store near my house — you know, one of those little city stores that just sells the basic staples. They had five different kinds of queso fresco, but no cheddar cheese (or American cheese, or any other kind of average cheese). And they had tortillas and injera (the Ethiopian fermented flat bread) but no bread loaves whatsoever.  This could be annoying or funnily charming. I chose funnily charming.



  1. THAT’S how you spell it. My beloved neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant serves (lots of) injera, and when they ask whether I want more of it (an infallible sign that I have eaten myself into impending violent illness), I think they’re talking about orangina (which I sometimes order to drink).

    Glad you found a congenial appointment time, and I am sure it will be good news, in any case.

  2. I’ll be praying all is well, which all signs seem to point to being true!

  3. Praying for good news, and you better post as soon as you hear something. That’s really funny about the store.

  4. Praying that all goes well Friday!

  5. You’re in my prayers, A. I was so nervous too, even crying the night before at Holy Thursday Mass. We asked a lot of people to pray for us the day of the appointment. As soon as I heard the heartbeat, I felt much better. Hopefully you’ll hear that heartbeat and the major nerves will melt away. Please post an update!

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