Time to ease the grip…

May 17, 2010

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about pregnancy and infertility, many of them revolving around sadness for those who are still waiting, those who are still facing many hurdles. I have wanted to write about them. But I have been unable to form very coherent thoughts … so I have not been saying much of anything.

Here I am on the blog… but unfortunately, I still do not have any coherent thoughts.

What I do have is my progesterone number. A rather lame subsitute, but an important update nonetheless. A dear blog friend (hi!) sent me a message this morning asking if everything is going OK — which made me realize how much I have neglected updates.

So here it is …

I just got a call from Dr. S’s office. I had blood drawn Friday and my progesterone levels were 30.6! (without prometrium) YIPPEEE! I almost want to dance a jig.

She said I can stop taking prometrium, which is fantastic news. I know one prescription for prometrium is SMALL POTATOES in the infertility world, and I really have no reason to complain. But it was $30 a week I’ll be happy to save. (I’m sorry. I know people on HCG, injectibles, etc. areย  probably thinking, “30 dollars a week? That’s nothing!”) And to be honest, I was getting really sick of popping pills in my nether-regions each night.

Today marks 13 weeks. WHAT??! I really do feel like we just found out. Time is flying. Am I really done with my first trimester? Really? This is UNBELIEVABLE for me.ย  I think I need to ease the grip I am keeping on my old friend Anxiety…



  1. That’s great that your levels are good and you can stop the prometrium. Congratulations on reaching the second trimester.

  2. Great news about the progesterone!! And you’re pretty lucky you feel like it’s flying by.. this has been the longest 11 weeks of my life! I feel like time is standing still. What’s your secret?

  3. That is wonderful that your pg is progressing nicely and the first trimester went by quickly. Sounds like you keep yourself busy. That’s the key! You work full time don’t you?

  4. Wow, 13 weeks already? That is fantastic!! I am so happy for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Congrats on making it through the first trimester! I think of anxiety as those nasty green people in the muc.inex commercials – I definitely think it is time for you to send them packin’.

  6. I’m so glad you finally updated and even more so, that all is well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have no clue how I’ve missed your blog amongst my blog reading, but I’m happy to have stumbled upon it! Congrats on your prog.esterone levels! Awesome!!!

  8. Fantastic #! I somehow missed this post, too, and thought today, “Hm, I wonder what’s going on with IATG?”

  9. Just checking it… Hope you are doing well!

  10. I am only one week behind you? I feel like you are 20+weeks for some reason. Wow, I understand the feeling of time flying by because it’s flying for me too…Quickly! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t believe I’m one week away from the first trimester being over which boggles my mind. Boggles my mind.

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