Question on Dr. S and friends

July 28, 2010

Hey friends,

A question on behalf of a friend of mine in DC who has been trying and waiting some years to conceive. She made an appointment in Camp Hill, but her school schedule and Dr. Stegman’s busy schedule did not synch right away, so the appointment is with Dr. Faith Daggs, who had a more convenient opening.

She’s wondering if she should keep that appointment or wait for Dr. S.

I’ve only heard of anyone ever going to see Dr. Stegman.  I am sure Dr. D is great and all, but is she good for infertility? Or should I tell my friend to wait a bit longer (it might only be a month or so) to see Dr. S?

Thanks, all!!



  1. Do both! 😉

  2. Hm, that’s a tough one. I’ve only seen Dr S, but I hear good things about Dr D.
    I guess personally I would wait for the “best.”

  3. Tell you friend to keep her appointment. Dr. D is great!! You can also give my email to your friend if she needs more info…

  4. I have the same diagnosis. The thing with FSH is that once you have one bad reading, even though it can fluctuate from month to month, your “record” is kind of tarnished. Just like with your sister, they jumped to IVF with me too, however that isn’t an option for me. Then they pushed injectables because it is a stronger treatment. From what I understand, the FSH level is high because it takes a lot of hormone to stimulate the ovaries to produce follicles, so the number indicates how hard your pituitary gland has to work to get you to develop eggs. Hence, a high number indicates that the ovary isn’t very good at producing. They suggested injectables because they didn’t think clomid would be strong enough to have an effect on my ovaries, though I preferred to try clomid first. In any case, what I would definitely suggest for your sister is to have them count her antral follicles. They did this to me and found 15 follicles on one ovary (couldn’t count the other b/c a cyst was in the way, which also meant I couldn’t go on clomid that month). Fifteen was waaay more than they expected to see based on FSH level and after seeing it they changed my clomid prescription because the situation didn’t seem as dire as it had been based on my bloodwork alone.

    I’m not an expert on it, but I know the diagnosis can be very difficult to handle because it seems like nothing can be done (no eggs or poor quality eggs seem pretty dire!) If your sister wants to chat with someone who gets it, though I don’t have too much medical advice, she can e-mail me: complicatedlifeblog at gmail dot com. 🙂

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