About me


I am an almost 32-year-old woman, living and working in D.C., trying to follow God and trying to have a baby.

My husband –hereafter referred to as “Ned” or “Mr. Good” on this blog — and I were married in late 2006. With the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility as our  guide, we started using NFP shortly thereafter.  I really enjoyed charting my cycles, seeing the flow of everything working together and wondering at the complex way we are created. At that point, we were not trying to get pregnant. I was convinced that as soon as we started trying, I would get pregnant in the first month. And –BAM! — a baby would arrive 9 months later.

It has not worked out that way.

We started trying to get pregnant in early spring 2008. It seems like my cycles have been much more irregular since we started trying. In early November 2008, I started to worry. A lot.  One internet search led to another, and I found this wonderful circle of Catholic infertility blogs! What a relief to know there were other women out there with similar questions, and doctors out there who would look at my charts, work with my cycles and not push me straight to IVF.

We are Anglo-Catholic — a branch of the Anglican church that keeps catholic traditions (daily mass, confession, etc.) — and for Ned and I,  our personal views on life and marriage are in line with much of the catholic church’s teaching.

I had my first appointment with a wonderful Catholic doctor (thanks to recommendations!) last Feb. We’re doing testing and diagnosis this spring.

Ned and I are also investigating domestic and international adoption. We have always been interested in adoption, but I had previously imagined it would be something we might do after having biological children. Ned’s work could take us to other countries in the future, and I thought if we lived somewhere with an orphanage … one thing could lead to another. But I’m not sure one thing leads to another with adoption very often (did I think Moses would turn up on my doorstep?), so we’ve decided to at least start looking into it.

I have been quietly following many of your blogs for months and have been so encouraged and educated by all of you. Thanks! I was starting to feel like a lurker, so I started this blog so I could chime in with you all.


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